Chuckie will be a little famous!

On a big uromastyx Facebook page, I met a member who has a business that sells dried flowers and other botanicals, treat food/food toppers to be rehydrated and mixed with the uros’ salads. It is called SuperUro. My uro Geyri and Chuckie, the chuckwalla, both like the products, and they have tried a lot of different kinds.

Robert Wojcik, the business owner, recently told me he will soon have 2 new lines of foods, one for herbivores, good for lizards like bearded dragons, and one for chuckwallas, containing cactus and other things. He plans to have them available to the public on his website in late November.

He likes to see Chuckie on my FB page. (We agree that Chuckie smiles.) A few weeks ago, he said he needs a picture of a chuck to use as a logo on the chuck food packages. That line of foods will be called SuperChuckwalla.

He asked if he could use a picture of Chuckie as the logo. Well yes, Chuckie would be honored! He wanted a picture of him posed sitting like the stance of a bull dog, and Chuckie sits that way a lot, so I sent him a picture that he really liked. (Chucks like to show off their nice muscles.)

So, Chuckie doesn’t know that he will be a little famous and will be the logo for SuperChuckwalla food. He just knows he has already tried a sample that Robert sent him, and he likes the food!

If you have uromastyx or chuckwallas, check out his website. He’s great to deal with and has a huge variety of these foods, and he’s very careful about quality. He also breeds uromastyx and has items like hides, backgrounds and ledges for in their enclosures.

Here’s Chuckie, the SuperChuckwalla.

8 responses to “Chuckie will be a little famous!

  1. Oh wow…!! That’s so wonderful to see Chuckie, the SuperChuckwalla getting famous! I’m happy for you, my dear friend.

    Sorry for the late reply, I’m catching up reading and replying all the blogs I’m following…

  2. Congratulations Chuckie & proud Mommy! I must say, he is the most handsome little Chuckwalla lizard man I have ever laid my eyes upon!! The perfect model 😁

    • He said thank you. 😀 He is just so darn cute, and crazy, and an acrobat and he keeps me entertained while my little uro brumates. His back will hopefully get redder as he gets older, and I hope his face will get more black, cos some of the adults have a beautiful contrast. Or, if he stays the same colors, that’s ok too, cos he is an attractive little fellow.

      • 😀 It’s obvious he has a big personality when looking at him (to we lizard lovers, anyway)! Whatever he does will be perfect, but I & others are adoring him the way he is! Just wanna kiss that face! Wonder if he, Geyri and Murph would like one another

      • I don’t know cos even Geyri and Chuckie have never met. She is tiny and very reserved compared to him; it’s the uromastyx way. His smile is adorable, his little face. I love him.

      • Wow, really!? My gosh, how long have you had Chuckie now?
        Oh, he is absolutely adorable. And, I do not care if others judge me, I kiss those gorgeous faces! Even my Beardies, with their spikes, if ya kiss those kissy spots, they mold to your lips. And those who’ve never had a spiky lizard may not comprehend how on Earth they can be so cuddly, but they are, and they enjoy being held and loved on. Murph receives a bath under warm running water every time he poos, so he is always clean for the next round of lovins.

      • I got him from them in January. Got him a nice sized viv ready, based on things people told me on a chuck FB page. Said 4 x 2 x 2 is good. He showed me pretty quick that it’s wasn’t good enough, he wanted to go UP. He would climb a stick up into a corner and stare at the corner, saying UP. So we got a smaller viv and gave him a penthouse room. I wrote a blog about that, don’t know if you saw it. He has sticks that he climbs up there and then jumps down and hits his rock formation below and sounds like he weighs 5 lbs. When we know how to listen to what our animals are telling us, we can understand. Didn’t take him an hour to get into his upstairs room after i put the right piece of cork up for him to climb up on. Now he’s up and down all day. He’s a character. A happy healthy monkey chuck.

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