Squirrels always surprise me, and make me laugh

squirrel face

This cute little fella was on the back porch in a snowstorm a couple of years ago, asking for more sunflower seeds to be brought out. They hide a lot of their food for winter but they still like it that we humans give them handouts regularly here.

Squirrels hiding their food brings up controversy between my son and I.  He says scientific studies have shown that they actually remember where they hid 70% of the things they hide.  I don’t believe that.  I think they just get lucky and find some of it.

We have a lot of squirrels around here, with a woods in the back and several large trees around the house.  My neighbor just behind us has a huge black walnut tree, and that’s a favorite food for them, since their teeth can open the hard shells.  The chipmunks can’t open walnuts, so they have to rely on carrying lots of acorns from the pin oaks next door down into their tunnels to prepare for winter.

Squirrels sometimes hide things in unusual places.  Often we’ve found a cracker “hidden” on a window sill under the back porch.  Or, something “hidden” on the banister between the two front porches.  So much for imagination guys, cos there it lays in plain sight.

Today one surprised me again.  I was out there continuing to take down garden plants, since we had 2 hard freezes lately and everything is done. This time sadly I was removing my Hopi orange Lima plants.

What, wait, something  up there among the clump of tightly twisted vines…….dark, pretty big, what is that?  Sure enough, 6′ up in the vines, was one well “hidden” goody, meant to be harvested at some time in the winter.  Sorry, squirrel, this walnut is going on the ground and you’ll have to hide it somewhere else.


7 responses to “Squirrels always surprise me, and make me laugh

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  2. They are cute and very smart. A few winters ago, a squirrel chewed through a screen and ate part of a cheesecake that a friend of mine had put in her ‘sun room’ to cool. It was supposed to be for her husband’s birthday. Needless to say, no one was all that interested in eating the cake after the squirrel had munched on it. Made me laugh—I didn’t even know squirrels liked cheesecake.

    • Yea that’s not funny for her but yet it is. I guess the smell of something good gave him the idea. They sure can be destructive and some things you think are safe might not be, like a screened in sun room!

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