Shippensburg Community Fair!

Horse Show

We all get a treat the last week of July every year.  The largest bi-county Fair in the state happens right here!

There is always something going on at the Fair!  There is entertainment, the Fair Queen Contest, live music, rides for young and old, games for the lucky and any willing to try, a great horse show, and LOTS of good food.

Shippensburg Fair

I really like the food part, tho I’m now diabetic so I have to be a little reserved compared to other years.  I’m not mentioning any particular vendors cos they change sometimes, but I have to mention my favorite foods. There is a group that makes some rib eye sandwiches that are one of the best things in the world.  And the french fries, they have to go with that.  Oh, and there is raspberry ice cream…….now that’s a brand name of ice cream you can buy in stores, but I swear it tastes better walking around eating it at the Fair!  And it always feels a little naughty buying fresh roasted peanuts and walking around littering the ground with the shells!

Home Products

There are displays of items people have entered into various craft, gardening, photography, etc. competitions.  They are judged and ribbons are awarded. You should go thru those buildings and see the wonderful things people make and who won which ribbons.  And there are all the livestock shows and judging, which is really where the Fair started.  And the large commercial building, you need to walk thru that too: local businesses display their items or processes, and there are lots of contests from the businesses—fill out coupons and you might win something!

Everybody come to Shippensburg and enjoy the Fair! Check the link for all the details, schedules, and see the fun that people had last year.

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