My little delusions



The winter is long for serious (read: addicted) gardeners. Sometimes we try things that might not make sense, like trying to grow an outside veggie…..inside.

With an east facing window and a good plant light, I decided to try planting a few spinach seeds in a long pot.  The light should be enough, with the plant light, and there’s no real reason why I shouldn’t be able to grow a little spinach to have a few leaves to pick over the winter.

Well yea, there is one reason.  MaChatte, my wild little black panther, is fearless when it comes to having her own way, whatever that means. Here’s a previous blog about how I almost lost  some spring seedlings that were about to go outside two years ago.

I grow cat grass for her to eat.  I used to plant it in  a huge pot that has my bay laurel tree in it, thinking she could just put her front feet up on the pot and eat the grass.  But no, she had to make sure she had a good grasp on her situation, and would get up in the pot and stand in some of the grass to eat some of the other grass.  And pull most of it  out by the roots instead of just eating the tops. (Of course the pieces that she pulled out went on the floor.  Gives mom something to do, cleaning that up.)  I tried telling her that if she wouldn’t stand in the grass, or pull it out by the roots, she would have more grass to eat.  Cats don’t understand what we try to tell them tho.

Then  I started planting her cat grass in two small crocks. When one group of the grass has mostly been pulled out by the roots, I plant the other pot with new seeds, so there is almost always some cat grass available to her.  This cat’s learning curve is shaped all wrong.

So, I put the cat grass up on the dryer beside the pot of spinach seedlings.  Maybe she’ll be so busy with the cat grass being there that she’ll let my spinach seedlings alone?  My son said no, she will say: Thank you for putting all my salad greens in one spot; how nice of you.

We’ll see how this works out and be glad there’s always spinach available here year round at the grocery store, lol.

She got a new toy for Christmas from a relative.  She likes it and made it all wet chewing it, trying to find out where the catnip smell was on it, then took a nap with it.  Does this innocent looking little girl look like she could destroy an old lady’s mini-gardening plans?




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