Proof that MaChatte is smarter than me………..

cat diligence

Well she’s smarter than me at least in terms of cat adventures.  I had seedlings growing under grow lights in a hanging pot, where she couldn’t possibly get them.  It was time to plant them in  a pot to take outside, to finish growing them a few weeks till they can be planted in the ground.

I couldn’t put that pot outside last night cos the temp was supposed to go to 31.  Soooo…my bright idea was to move two items off the top of this five and  a  half foot tall metal cabinet and put that pot of seedlings up there,  just for one night.  Nahh, she wouldn’t possibly decide she could jump up there………… This morning they could go out and probably stay out.

Sooo, this morning there was a strange sound from the kitchen.  Turns out that was the sound of MaChatte launching herself off the dryer and into the pot that had the seedlings.  An oval pot, 6″ tall and a foot long. ( I don’t know what cat wisdom allowed her to know there was going to be a flat surface way up there to land on, or maybe she just took a chance.)  Her landing in the pot could have brought the whole pot down, but it didn’t……….I guess she’s just a very graceful cat.

Sooo, I walked into the kitchen and there she stood, in the pot, looking down at me…..and she got down pretty quickly when the tone of my voice and the appearance of my body language alerted her that that was not a good place for her to be!

Sooo, the pot of seedlings is now out on the porch. If we’re going to get another cold night before they can be planted in the ground, the pot will definitely go in the garage, lol!

When I looked at the seedlings, it was obvious that she had been up there before, earlier this morning.  Evidently cats like raw collard green seedlings.  Several of them are now….trimmed.  She pulled one chili pepper seedling out of the ground and must not have liked that, and I replanted it, hoping it might live.  I hope chili pepper leaves are hot and burned her mouth.

You live and you learn.  Sometimes the lessons are taught by a cat.

7 responses to “Proof that MaChatte is smarter than me………..

  1. Do you give your cat greens? I’ve had times when I would mix greens into my cats’ food daily. Sometimes finely chopped alfalfa sprouts, or lettuce, wheatgrass, etc. They get into the plants less if I give them greens.

    • Thanks for the question! I sometimes grow cat grass for her in the bottom of a large pot that has a bay tree growing in it. Eating other greens hasn’t been a problem before, cos she’s never bothered either the bay or the basil that’s normally growing in the kitchen. I think this was just too much natural curiosity.

  2. Oh, I am sorry–my cat once ate 20 tomato seedlings–and they are toxic. But he ignores the kitty grass I plant for him…

  3. I know the tomato plants are toxic, and also had some of them potted and ready to go outside, but put them behind a closed door to be absolutely sure there was no “trimming” of them. What happened with your cat that are the 20 seedlings? Oh no……….

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