Let the harvest begin

collard greens

Time to harvest collards!  The first couple I’ll cook up and eat.  Then I have scattered plantings that will keep some coming right up till it gets really hot here and I’ll have to pick the rest then before they get strong and go to bolt.  Many of those I’ll dehydrate to have for soups and recipes in the winter.  Sometimes I don’t want a whole plant, and I can open a container and get the right amount.

These greens are full of good vitamins, and calcium, also.  Two nice sized plants fit in my Nesco dehydrator and will dehydrate in about 4 hours. I’m very happy with the quality of the dehydrated ones.  If you try it, just remember they need to cook a little longer than fresh ones, to rehydrate.  Probably an hour.

And they’re just plain good!

6 responses to “Let the harvest begin

  1. Oh yea, soups that consist of more collards than other things, or soups that just have a few pieces throw in, to cram in more veggies. Good stuff!

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