Life is just a bowl of cherries

cherry tree

There’s an old cherry tree on the side yard; it was here when I bought the property.  In recent years it has been getting less cherries on and last year just had a few little nubs.  I have work done by a great tree service, Cumberland Valley Tree Service,  and I had the guy from there look at it last fall.  I was afraid it had lived its life and might not live much longer.

The tree service guy said it is still a healthy tree, but had a disease that is very treatable.  He needed to come and apply two sprayings to the tree this spring.  He did that, and now the birds and I get to fight over a lot of cherries on the old tree.  I picked this many without the ladder, and there was a crow at the top as I was coming in, saying:  Hey, you missed the ones at the top, lol.  It’s a huge tree, and they can have their share.

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