On this first day of spring


  The happy little tree doesn’t care that there’s a pandemic. It is shooting out its first little buds and since this is a weeping cherry tree, those buds will be flowers.  Leaves will come on after that.
  Spring bulbs are popping up all over, soon ready to open their flowers.
  Snow birds  are still here but soon they will migrate and I’ve been looking for the first robins to appear.
  Things are closed, plans are changed, disruption is all around as so many people hunker down at home, avoiding the virus and hoping to help reduce the overall spread so we don’t overwhelm our health care system. Other people are able to work, which provides them continuing income that so many people now don’t have.
  For any people who formerly looked down on the working class of people, it’s important to point out that some people are now saving our country and our sanity: truck drivers, restaurant workers, store clerks. And to the front line of the virus, the doctors and nurses who work even when they are tired and scared themselves: bless every one of you for what you do, and who you are.
  Things like this seem to bring out both the best and the worst in people, depending on what kind of person you are.  For those who are hoarding cleaning and medical supplies so that people who truly need them can’t get them, you are the worst of us. But then there are people locally and other places who are giving breakfast and lunch meals to families who have kids who normally get their day-time food at school. People are offering to shop for seniors who are afraid to go out. People are offering kindnesses of different kinds to strangers. To those people: you are the best of us, and thank you for being who you are.
  It’s a good time to work in the garden and get things ready.  Just like the little tree, food we grow in the garden won’t know there’s chaos all around.
  Be safe, look out for others when you can, and we can all hope that things can soon go back to close to normal, with very few deaths and an economy that can still support our lives.  Be well.


17 responses to “On this first day of spring

  1. Thank you for this heartwarming post. Wishing you all the best, my friend. Stay safe and healthy!

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