Hours go into days and it all feels like limbo. I do enjoy my own company but solitude feels different now. I sound sad because I am, since so much about our lives is in question now. We have little control over our lives now, except the mundane things we do every day. Those things feel so much more important now.
  You look at the toilet paper roll, 1/2 used and thoughts go thru your mind that never did before. Usually it was ….go to the closet and get another roll.  Now we wonder about running out, and having to go to several stores looking for some, when it feels unsafe to even go to a store.  Most of our stores are out of so many important things now. They say the supply chain would catch up if people would just quit panic buying and let it catch up. People post on our community FB page as to where things can be found today: TP, sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, even things like bread, eggs, milk, butter.   So many people are hoarding  everything. It’s come to the place where things needed for medical issues can’t be found, like distilled water for people who use CPAP machines, and disinfecting items for other medical situations.
   We’re also seeing so many acts of kindness in our area tho, kindness to strangers.  That’s the best kind of kindness, not expecting repayment. Shopping for people, giving of food to those who needs it. People are reminding others that, when this is over, we need to remember who really helped us: the small, local businesses, not any big corporations.
  Instead of going crazy, we each need to find things to keep us busy. I was out a few times and did garden work on some warm days, getting ready to grow things in another month. Taking down the kitchen curtains to wash and washing down woodwork is good busy work.
  So is finding ways to grow food for little Geyri. It was easy before to go into the grocery store and grab a bundle of endive and a summer squash, then add some foods he can have only a couple times a week. Now, I’m not going to stores, being one of the old people who are at risk for getting really sick if I get the virus. Plus, endive isn’t a really popular item in this area, and sometimes they don’t have any.  My son and DIL are both still working, which keeps their income going, but also exposes them to many people each day. They do go to grocery stores and bring me endive when they find it. They don’t come to visit now, to possibly not infect me, just in case. We talk on the phone and over social media. That makes me very sad, but it’s for the best.
  So Geyri has his own little garden just getting started. Millet and mustard green seeds are sprouting. And he really likes white clover leaves, but can only have them a few days a week. Wait till he finds out the clover will have flowers in a couple weeks. Having this little lizard has been a joy to me during this, and a challenge that is good for me, finding and growing things to feed him and watching his antics as he runs around thru his little desert.  Or in this video, picking the things he likes best, out of his buffet. We count every one of our blessings now, as we always should have, but more important now.
  I ramble now cos it’s a way to keep in touch with some people, and a way to express the frustration and sadness of this time.  At least it’s happening at a time of wonderful renewal of the earth: beautiful things are happening with the nature all around us.  I saw my first robin a couple days ago.  They migrate to here in late March every year. There’s an old wives’ tale that it’s bad luck to see your first robin of the spring on the ground.  My first one was up in a tree, and I’ll take the old wives’ tale as an omen of good luck.
  Be well, be safe, write blogs so we can share each others’ experience. And hopefully this nightmare will pass soon.

10 responses to “Limbo

  1. Seems like the little one enjoys the meal and you enjoy the company! Thanks for giving us an update. These are really strange times… I’m still keeping my Dad isolated from the rest of the world. I’m checking on him twice a day to see he’s doing well. Tomorrow I have to go to the war zone a.k.a. the supermarket. Let’s hope they still got chocolate… 😉
    Stay safe and healthy, my friend!

    • Yes, keep your dad away from it all. Geyri is really a blessing for me now, the challenge of finding ways to get him appropriate foods. Plus I enjoy watching him and some people enjoy his videos. Be careful out there…..grab what you need and run! Ohhh they would never run out of chocolate, would they? You stay safe and healthy too. 👍

      • Maybe I’ll write a post about my adventure if I make it back home in one piece… and chocolate in my shopping bag!

      • Yea, you should do that! Everyday commentary is more important now, and we get to look across other cultures, and see how we are different and yet still really all the same. ❤️

  2. I actually enjoy the solitude as a change of pace. Its giving me an opportunity to get some much needed things done without constant interruptions for awhile. I don’t know how I’ll feel in another month though. I’ll think about being bored or sad after all these things are finished.

    Hmm, maybe you need more sunshine and a little humor in your life? Sunshine elevates your mood and then do a youtube search for the Moron Brothers of Kentucky for some singing humor. Their newest song is about stores running out of toilet paper.

    • I get sunshine when it’s nice enough to go out in the yard and do some work. That’s a meditative thing for me. One day at a time we go along…….be well.

  3. I feel the same way. Sad. Incredibly sad.
    Everything changed in a blink of an eye.
    Even going to the grocery store is suddenly not the safest thing to do!
    Since it is spring here in Texas, I have been working in the yard. I certainly need to do something besides worry–which does absolutely no good. And at this time of year, hand-pulling weeds will keep me busy for a while…..

    • Garden work is good therapy. It’s still cool here in PA, but there are some afternoons I can get out to do stuff. There is always lots of garden/yard needing done in the spring, weeds etc. It’s a tiredness, a different tiredness that doesn’t come from physical work and doesn’t get relieved even from a good night’s sleep. 😔 Enjoy your yard work and stay safe.

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