Stay home…and garden, OK!

  If this had to happen, I’m so glad it happened in the spring. There’s beautiful new life all around us here, and garden and yard work to do on some nice warm  afternoons. My new little weeping ornamental cherry tree has its flowers all open and its lovely to see.
  I don’t go away now any more, since the virus is around us and we are told to stay home unless we are essential workers or have life-sustaining places we need to go. This is  supposed to be the worst week and our governor has asked us all to wear masks and many people aren’t wearing them. But I don’t feel trapped in my house, I feel safe in my house.  And I can go out and walk around any time and see flowers blooming and stay out as long as I want, in comfortable temperatures. I think this would feel entirely different and very confining if it was still cold outside.  But, they are saying it might come back in the fall and winter.  We can only hope they will have figured out some good treatments by then, since a vaccine sounds very far away.
  The man they elected instead of a president wasted a lot of valuable time saying it was a hoax, it would go away soon, the original 15 patients would be down to a couple soon, etc. None of all of that consisted of looking out for the people in our country; it consisted of him looking out for himself.  Even early on, a cruise ship wanted  to dock and he didn’t want to let it dock because it would hurt “his numbers”.  Early preparation might have made a world of difference. So might have maintaining a pandemic preparation  team, which he disbanded. So here we are, where we are now. We needed a leader early on here, and we still do.
  But today I was in the garden digging around the poles of the pergola where I plant beans.  Grass grows closer to the poles as each  summer goes on and it’s important to start the new beans with bare ground around them to get them a good start.
  I always plant one pole with green beans which we eat fresh, and the kids also feed them to some of their reptiles. (They have 4 omnivores and  two carnivores. My little Geyri is so easy; he’s vegan!) Then I plant 2 poles with my favorite: hopi lima beans.  I always take off a lot of them to freeze, and they taste like fresh in the  winter when you cook them.  I also let some dry, for seeds obviously, but also to cook for soup, etc in the winter.  This year I will let more of them go to dry, to have more food that can be stored for a longer time.  I plant the other pole with black beans and kidneys, all to be used dry.  We have an economy that’s in the crapper right now, and they’re talking about at least a recession and possibly a depression as a result of what this virus has done to our economy, and what more it will do before it’s over. Dried beans are good food any time, but are also like insurance that you’ll have things to eat if life gets really tough.
  I’m hearing that the stores are running low on seeds for food plants, among many other things. (Got toilet paper?) Maybe more people have decided  they’d better grow, or learn to grow, some of their own food.  Well yes, I’ve been preaching that for years now!  It’s one of those skills that should never be allowed to die out. You don’t have to be a farmer to be able to grow some of your own food, in your own yard. It seems lately that people have gotten lazy, and some have no idea where  their food comes from or how it grows or even gets to them. That is sad commentary of what our life today has become.
  I started seeds for peppers and tomatoes, and put up my little hoop house to keep them safe and  let them grow till it’s time to plant them out about 5/15. At that same time it’ll be warm enough to plant the beans, and also squash and cucumbers.
  I have chicory and endive and a couple pea seeds planted that I/we won’t eat: Geyri has his own garden products! I also bought him yellow pansies, cos yellow food is his favorite stuff right now. Uromastyx need a varied diet of greens and vegetables.  It used to be easy to run to the store and get a head of endive and  a summer squash; now not so easy cos I stopped going out in the world. My son and DIL both have essential jobs are are still working, and also go shopping once a week.  They can usually find me some endive, and I supplement that with some things I can find in the yard, safe things for uros to eat: dandelions, wild strawberry leaves and a couple other things that are just coming up now.
  We cancelled our annual trip to the beach in June, sadly, cos there’s no way the world will be in a shape to take a vacation away from home by then. We might try to go in September. But…..being away for a week in June was always a bad time to leave the garden. It takes a lot of work and attention at first to get things going good when the plants are all young. This year I’ll be staying with the garden during the most important time. I guess there won’t be any excuse for having weeds in the garden this year……. 😉
  Here’s little Geyri picking over his buffet to get the stuff he likes the best, first. Especially fresh dandelion flower and some bee pollen. This little guy is very good for me to have right now; concentrating on keeping him in food that’s good for uromastyx, plus he’s providing me good entertainment. And he’s getting a social media presence from me posting pictures and videos.

Here’s a well hidden burrow, up on a hill, in the wilds of the scrub desert in Africa, Pennsylvania. 🙂 Geyri’s parents both came from Africa, and we like to keep their habitats as close to their normal places of origin as possible.  Multiple entrances, all hard to see; a safe place to run to if birds swoop down to eat little lizards in the desert. They keep their instincts of being nervous little creatures with no means of self defense except to hide, or to whip their sharp tails as a very last resort.

Rant over, for now.  I hope all of you and yours are doing well;  healthy, safe and keeping busy, cos you could go crazy if you don’t keep some kind of normalcy going on in your life. It’s hard to maintain normalcy in the least normal times that any of us have ever known. Be well.


29 responses to “Stay home…and garden, OK!

  1. You are so right, thank goodness this is happening in spring in our parts of the world. We can still enjoy seeing everything coming alive in the garden. Glad you can spent some time outside in your garden. Maybe you can ask MaChatte if she would like to have some catnip…?? 😉

    • I don’t grow that for her cos she’s tried some and didn’t want it. I keep some dried here for her. Yes, all this would feel so much worse if we did feel trapped in our houses. Stay safe dear friend, you and yours.

  2. That was not a rant, you were just saying how it is. I do feel sorry for you in America as the reports we read here are not good and you seem to verify that.
    You are very fortunate that you are a keen gardener. It will make such a difference to be able to access your own produce.
    We are heading into Winter here in Australia so we are getting ready to hunker down.
    Stay safe.

    • Thank you for your kind words. I hope your winter will be kind to you, in all the ways it could be. You stay safe too, you and yours. 😊

    • He is an adorable little fella. He’s good for me to have right now during all this especially. He entertains me for several hours each day; watching him roaming around his little desert, and now foraging a few weeds from the yards that are safe for him to eat. This is a strange time. Surreal was a feeling I never understood till 9/11, and I understand it again now. It is good to be connected to others thru blogs, where we can share common feelings across many miles. Be safe and well, you and yours. Soon…..hopefully…….

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