Black eyed peas…..

black eyed peas

They’re different to grow than green beans.  Here’s a few I planted in a pot,  just for the curiosity of what they’d do in a pot.

They’re also planted among the green beans both on the trellis and on the rabbit fence.  They come up at about the same time as the green beans but the plants grow slower after germinating.  They’re also a more robust plant, leaves and vines both.  They’re climbing well now in both places, and producing lots of beans pods.  (We call them black eyed peas, but they’re really a bean.)

In the winter I was experimenting with seeds from the grocery store.  This is a result of that experimentation, cos these black eyed pea seeds came right out of a bag from the store.  Evidently black eyed peas are not the kind of thing that get genetically modified, since the seeds from the store will produce both plants and beans.

Good luck with your gardening.  Growing food is such a rewarding thing!

8 responses to “Black eyed peas…..

  1. I buy all my dired beans and peas at the local farmers’ market so I HOPE they are not GMO…. never thought about that!

    • You would think people selling at a farmer’s market would be aware of the issues so many people have with GMO, but you never know. I just assumed that an ordinary inexpensive bag of black eyed peas from the store probably are. I’ll change that for next year!

    • And maybe a couple green fingers. I have good soil here and some knowledge, and that’s a good combination. And I love growing things, especially food.

    • Evidently none are GMO, as I learned as I went along. I got some from a seed company that said theirs were not GMO. And I planted some from the bag from the grocery store. Evidently none of them are GMO cos the seeds from the bag at the store grew and produced. The ones I bought from the seed company just cost more! Now I’ll just plant the ones from the store, regular dried black eyes. I hope I’m making sense……… was all an experiment and I learned to just keep it simple and the ones from the store must be heirloom seeds cos they produced.

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