Ahh yes, tomatoes!


I’ve been out there watering things most nights and looking at all these green tomatoes……lots of tomatoes, but all green so far.

Then tonight near the bottom of one plant I saw red that I swear wasn’t there yesterday.  My first nice handful of cherry tomatoes!  Now, if all those Roma plums would start ripening, I could start dehydrating some soup ingredients for winter.  Soon………..

Pasta tomorrow night for supper.

15 responses to “Ahh yes, tomatoes!

    • Thanks! I love them every way cooked, but don’t like them raw. I know, I’m strange. They will get split in half and cooked with some other good things like herbs and put over some pasta, whole wheat, of course.

    • I’ll eat the cherry tomatoes raw, but prefer any other cooked or in salsa… roma is my favorite for sauces

  1. I read that tomatoes are actually better for you cooked as the heat releases the lycopene… so you are not so strange!

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