MaChatte got a new tunnel

cat toy tunnel

She had nylon tunnels I had stitched together to make a long one before, but the nylon wasn’t stiff any more and the tunnel wouldn’t stand up.  No fun, collapsed tunnel.  Here’s a young kitten MaChatte right after she got the other tunnel.

cat tunnel

Cats need stimulation and interesting things to play with and help to keep them active.  She’s 4 years old now and slowing down a little, but still likes to play, and she always enjoyed  her tunnel.  This one is stiffer and should last a long time, and it’s got plastic inside the layers and makes neat gushy noises when she walks thru it.  She just lays in it too, and it’s a good place to hide or nap and get away from it all.  Maybe we should have people tunnels………..

Merry Christmas, MaChatte!

8 responses to “MaChatte got a new tunnel

  1. I bought a tunnel a few weeks ago…. like the one in the bottom photo…. apparently it is alive as it moves to different locations during the night! If it ever walks up the stairs I will be really worried!

    • I guess they like the adventure and moving the tunnel is part of that. Cats are so fun and so funny. I hope it doesn’t go up the stairs………

  2. My cats don’t need any new tunnel. There is that space behind the aquariums, with all the wires hanging, and that space in between my legs when I’m in bed, and th…..

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