Shippensburg Historical Society: Life on the Border

history of Shippensburg, Pa.

Shippensburg Historical Society, just opened a great new exhibit, Life on the Border.  It’s an extensive display of information about and items from the time period when this area was the frontier, and people were coming thru here to travel to the west.  Some kept going, some stayed, and soon the little village was a town.  Sorry about the flash on this first picture, just couldn’t get it right.


The exhibit has a lot of information about what life was like for those early settlers. (Pictures will enlarge if you click them.)


There is also information about Fort Morris, where we held two archaeological digs several years ago.

colonial fort

There is also a coin from 1773 displayed.  This coin was found on the street  not too long ago.  Imagine finding a coin and picking it up and having it be one like this.

British coin

Shippensburg Historical Society is open to the public for tours of our collection, genealogy research, or just browsing our history for fun,  Wednesday, Friday and Saturday afternoons from 1-4.  Please come and visit our fascinating historical house and vast collection. And see this interesting exhibit!

5 responses to “Shippensburg Historical Society: Life on the Border

    • Jackie I’m not sure but we usually leave them up for several months. In the spring we’ll probably put together something else, and then in the summer we usually run something pertaining to the Civil War, since that’s the time of year people are most interested in that and also when people travel to this area to learn about that time period.

      • It’s really neat that have you different exhibits during the year. One if these days I would like to visit your neck of the woods.

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