The garden race

green beans


The race to be the tallest is on in the garden.  Kentucky Wonder green beans were the first thing to reach the top of the trellis structure.  They grow faster than the King of the Garden Limas, but the Lima plants are sturdier and have thicker vines to support heavier beans.  Now I’ll start to train these to go over rather than up.

Black turtle beans are beating the kidneys on the pyramid trellis, but kidneys really don’t climb much.  And Eliza’s yellow plum tomatoes were the first to get taller than me (not saying much at 5′ 2″, but whatever, lol)  Now they are near the top of a 7′ trellis that will help to support them.



Now we’re supposed to get 2-3″ of rain over the next 36 hours, and many people will have problems with that, since the ground is saturated from big recent rains, and nowhere for some of this water to go.   Gardens and farm crops will benefit tho.  Grow on, garden blessings!

12 responses to “The garden race

    • Oh thanks! Yes, it is too much rain all at once, 2-3″ last weekend and 2-3″ more tonight and tomorrow. The ground is not ready to accept any more. Grow on yourself!

      • We’ve been getting “normal” rainfall after a very dry winter. But some rains have been heavy with 3/4’s of an inch in a few hours.

        Heading out to trim up some new poles for the squash vines. They’re beginning to really grow now and I need to keep ahead of them.

      • Sometimes the poles we thought were big enough just aren’t! I’m thankful to have a grove of bamboo behind my garage: raw material for garden props and trellises.

      • I could send you some but shipping is probably too much. Just trimmed up 8 poles and have hauled in 3. Taking a break and then go back and get the rest.

        What kind of poles have you got growing?

  1. It seems like it has been overly rainy in a lot of places this year. I hope your garden will be okay despite all the rain.

    • Thanks Jackie. It was all ok when we had that big one last weekend, but this is supposed to be more. Rain is good, maybe not so much at one time, but wind and hail we definitely don’t want. We can’t protect our veggies from all that.

    • Hey, Hi Laura! Thanks, it’s a jerry rig for sure but we’re hoping it will stand up for its heavy bean vines and bad weather test. I hope you are well!

  2. Nancy did you know that runner beans twine clockwise and most others climb counterclockwise? Just an interesting thing I found out not too long ago. Your limas are gonna be monsters!

    • I know that any beans I’ve ever grown climb counter clockwise, and that’s important to know when you’re helping them find their way up whatever they’re climbing. I’m not familiar with runner beans, never grew any, don’t think I ever ate any either. I hope all our beans will be monsters and cover that trellis with beans. The Hopis are going up their tee pee!

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