A garden update as fall comes

It’s always a sad reality day when I take down the jenny wren houses to store them for winter. It means no more of the sweet song from those little birds till next May. But it’s time.

It’s also time for the garden to really slow down. The cucumbers are just about done, with only a couple deformed ones to pick now every couple days. Tomatoes are still going good tho. I have already eaten, shared and frozen a lot of 3 kinds of them.

Sweet and hot peppers are still doing good. Kidney beans and black turtle beans are over, but the Hopi lima beans are just now really starting to produce, and I’ll be picking them for several weeks. Some days my old pickin’ basket is pretty full, other days not so much. But every day is still a good garden day when I can collect some of the blessings of the earth.

We’ve been eating summer squash called pattipans. and there are winter squash called sweet muffins developing well.

Fall will come, winter will follow, all according to the way things go as the wheel of the year continues to turn. I hope you have had a good summer despite the virus, and have enjoyed a lot of good things that the good earth produced. And we roll along. Be well, be safe, be happy.

8 responses to “A garden update as fall comes

  1. You are so right about the ‘sad reality day’. I’m already going through bad days when I’m realising the direction we’re heading… The days are getting shorter and we’re having another 5 days of rain ahead. Oh well, I’ll have an extra espresso to get me going in a positive way again… πŸ˜‰

    Your vegetables look very delicious! Preparing and eating your own products from nature must give you a good feeling. I had new catnip plants in the garden but Jimi wasn’t interested. He prefers plain grass.

    Wishing you a great week ahead, my friend!

    • Herman we have 2 hurricanes coming to the south of the country, and we will get edges/remnants as they come up thru the country. It won’t get bad here and will be good water for the garden.

      Yes, as long as I can stand up and walk around, lol, I will be gardening to some extent. It’s a lot of work but I can still do it and it’s worth the work. My freezer is getting stocked up well with things from the garden. Winter will come and I’ll get things out to eat, and just smile. πŸ™‚

      He doesn’t like the catnip? Tell him he’s finicky for not wanting the cat drug,

      You said the direction we’re heading….that phrase has so many meanings now. Yes, dear friend, drink the espresso and eat the good chocolate. And be well.

  2. Even though it is a post at the end of the growing season, still seems like such a happy post. Your produce pics always make my smile.

    • Aww, I’m glad to make you smile. I don’t like the winter coming, but you know, we just go along. Spring will come after the winter. I hope you and your are doing good, healthy and happy.

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