A very special artwork picture

Geyri’s breeder is also a talented artist. He does commission art work of uros and other lizards, as well as drawings of martial art scenes that he holds a black belt in. I got him to draw Geyri for me. It’s an amazing picture, all the more meaningful to me because he is responsible for her being alive.

I sent him a picture of her standing on the African woman in her house, the thing that reminds me to respect the fact that she comes from such a far away place, a place I don’t understand well.

She is brumating, sleeping for several days and coming out then only for a short time, to see if I left any food right outside the little mountain she is sleeping in. Soon she will stop coming out and that will be full brumation, the deeper and longer sleep, and I might not see her again until March.

Many thanks to Phillip Lietz of AridsOnly for this wonderful art work. It will hang in a special place where I can see it all the time. http://www.aridsonly.com/ https://www.facebook.com/aridsonly/ https://www.instagram.com/aridsonly/?hl=en

8 responses to “A very special artwork picture

    • Thanks. It’s disgusting when she brumates, but overall she’s a pretty well spoiled little lizard. Best life for our animals, as you know so well. I’ve also enjoyed learning about the culture of where her species comes from.

  1. Wow, imagine we would also disappear for a few months, just to sleep and wait for spring… I kinda like this idea… 😉

    • Ever 4 or 5 days she peeps out for 5 minutes, might eat a few bites of food, then back to sleep. Her drawing is wonderful, and hangs above my desk so I can look at it when I can’t see her. He is an amazing artist.

  2. The painting is gorgeous. I admire your appreciation for artwork.
    Since phone cameras now are pretty good at recording and producing “almost perfect” replicas of life’s moments, fairly cheaply, I always wondered if sketch/portrait artists would be out of business soon. But I guess we appreciate art for its imperfections, which is what makes it so beautiful and unique.
    You can have a zillion digital pics but this one portrait will always be special.
    Kind of sad, you don’t get to see Geyri until March.
    Do you sometimes wish her brumating cycle was flipped, so she could spend time with you in winter? 🙂

    • It’s special because it’s beautiful and because he’s responsible for her being alive. I wish she was one of the uros that didn’t brumate at all, because there are some that don’t. She peeks out for 5 minutes, maybe once a week. Shortly tho she might go down hard and not come out till the end of her big nap. 😒

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