Lots of things about fall

Fall is here. Leaves are starting to come off the trees and the nights are cool. The garden is looking sad now, still finishing producing the last tomatoes and beans. I planted gourds this year for the first time, just for fun, to see what growing them was about. Now the pretty big yellow flowers are very cheery looking when other things are not so cheery.

I only planted seeds from one gourd, but different colored and different patterned ones are all coming from the same seeds. That’s pretty fascinating.

I belong to the local historical society. We had an interesting thing happen in our back yard at that house. In the spring, 2 female ground hogs moved in. One lived in an old outbuilding, and gnawed herself a hole in the corner so she could get inside. Another one started digging holes at the house, close to the foundation. Then both had babies, and we had groundhogs……everywhere. The holes in the ground were big enough to break an ankle in. Groundhogs had to go!

There is a local man who will trap them and take them up in the mountains and set them free. (He removed several for me years ago.) A few of them left on their own to find a good place to live for the winter by the time he got there to trap them. (They are solitary animals, so when there are adult babies, some need to go find their own way in life.) Two remained, and the guy came and trapped them. They now live in a mountainous area a distance from town. We had them removed in good time for them to find a good place to live before it gets cold.

They didn’t stay in the traps long, but they sure didn’t like any of it.

Little Geyri isn’t so little any more. Before long she will go into her cave and stay for her long winter nap called brumation. Winter is a boring time for people who keep uromastyx.

There are just a few things left to pick in the garden, and then I will put my old pickin’ basket away for the winter.

Today I gathered some yard decorations up and put them in the garage. Jenny wren houses are packed away in the garage and soon I will start to stock up on a supply of birdseed for the many kinds of birds who rely on humans to feed them thru the winter.

Fall, when things outside take a rest. I hope all my readers are well and taking good care of themselves.

30 responses to “Lots of things about fall

  1. Fall… oh yes, fall… It always makes me feel a little bit sad because summer’s over and winter is coming. But I’m learning to stay positive and dream about the beautiful things that are waiting for us. Like spring in 2022! 😉
    I’m always enjoying the updates about your work in the garden. Are you already making plans for next season…?? 😉

    • Oh yes, I have plans to change a couple things next year and grow more of the gourds, in a different place. I can’t eat them but they’re fun to grow and to use to decorate for fall. And they make so many, I have plenty to share. I’m not looking forward to winter, but you know that. 😒 I hope the new year will be better, for all of us. Until then, you and
      Jimi will have chocolate and coffee and cat treats and shrimp! For now, have a nice weekend dear.

  2. Geyri is looking GREAT! Getting cooler here as well and we finally had some rain. The leaves on the trees are beginning to fall and the butterflies and insects are working on the last of the wildflowers. Thanks for sharing!

    • I am well, cold but well. My squirrels are happy for the food I give them, mostly 10 in the yard at one time. They know where to get good stuff. My neighbors feed them too. 🙂 And who knew they would eat gourds? More of them for several reasons next year.

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