The Last Cookie

It’s Christmas cookie making day, so I’m reposting this blog from last year. A long and wonderful tradition with my adult son. And, the best cookies…..which I will portion out slowly………..

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Christmas traditions

It looks like an ordinary cookie but it’s not. It has a story that I’d like to tell.

I always liked chocolate chip cookies; they were my favorite when I was a kid.  When I was married and had a son, I baked them myself at Christmas time.     My son always liked them.  Once, when he was about 6, he came into the kitchen when I was baking them and took an interest in the process.  Then he asked me why all the cookies had to be the same color.  Wellll, I guess they don’t!

So I got some food coloring and put some of the batter into another bowl and he went to work making colored cookies.  I had to watch that he didn’t put in so much liquid that the cookies would be flat and not turn out.  Then I baked his cookies and they were…..sort…

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4 responses to “The Last Cookie

  1. I hope all went well! What a wonderful tradition. I used to do this too but for the last couple of years it’s been difficult due to my sciatica. I knew I would not have been able to do it this year which made me sad. But it’s ok – the tradition will continue without me so to speak. Two of my daughters will be carrying on the tradition which I was very happy to hear they wanted to do. 😀

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