Those tomatoes I dehydrated………

growing food

Oh yea, I’m so glad I dehydrated a lot of them.  I love soup in the winter, with a nice hunk of good bread and a piece of cheese.  Those tomatoes, simmered a few hours in a pot with some other good ingredients, add just enough tomato flavor to the dish and also keep some of their consistency, unlike frozen ones.  When you freeze them, you get tomato moosh later. (Did I make up a word?)  The dehydrated ones stay in pieces, even after several hours of simmering.  So, if you’ve never dehydrated tomatoes, give it a try next year and I think you’ll like your results.

It’ll be a long winter, and folks who were able to “put by” some good stuff in their season will benefit from getting those things out now, to make good things and remember the garden.  Ahh yes, I love to remember the garden.  Spring will come!

climbing green beans

12 responses to “Those tomatoes I dehydrated………

  1. I’ve been thinking of my garden too and plan to write a post about it tonight if I have time. How DID you read my mind? Did you dry your tomatoes whole, in slices or in chunks? just wondering…

    • I sort of chunked them up, but the pieces were small. Just kept hacking away till I had little pieces, lol. (Then they took maybe 8 hours in a not-so expensive dehydrator, but it works great.) I was so pleased with the way they turned out, and what you get when you cook them. I read you mind because great minds think alike, of course! Oh yea, I hope you write about your garden cos I’d love to read it. Thinking about gardens and writing about them, during snow storms, helps keep us sane till spring!

    • Yea, but I’m ready to retire, and then I’ll actually enjoy the rest of the winter. Cos I won’t have to go out in it! Then, spring, yeaaaa……….

      • That’s true! You get lots of time to think about the garden in winter. I think that makes things more exciting! Not sure what I can grow now that I’ve moved. I have a nice little patio but I’m not sure if it gets enough sunlight.

      • Tom I could easily hibernate like a bear, cos I don’t like the cold and it gets worse each year. Once I retire I do have more choices about it tho, and I’m ready for that.

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