Medically cleared for surgery



I’d still like to hide too, MaChatte, but now I’m medically cleared for surgery so on we go.  EKG, labs, chest xray, general poking around then by my family doc.  He said I’m in real good shape for an old fart.  Well, good enough to be operated on for a torn rotator cuff and do the long recovery that follows that……….

Back after surgery, probably with some stories to tell.

12 responses to “Medically cleared for surgery

    • Thanks Jackie, I will be giving updates. I read a bunch of stuff that helped me get ready, so I’ll pass some more stuff along to anybody else having this done.

  1. I would say ‘break a leg’ but somehow that seems the wrong sentiment here. You’ll do fine on this new ‘stage’ though, because you’ve prepared yourself so well Nancy. I’ll be thinking of you..when is the actual surgery? Keep us all posted. muwah!

    • Yea Sam I won’t be able to stand any other problems, so I’ll take it easy on the legs! Next Thursday all the fun begins. I think I’m as prepared as I can be. Thanks!

    • Thanks Gregg. I’ll be posting a couple blogs about the whole experience. The surgery is pretty simple but there is supposed to be considerable pain the first two weeks, and the recovery is such a problem, wearing the sling for immobilization. I’m a trooper, and this will test how much, cos I sure never had anything like this before.

  2. We read about your surgery preparations, Sarasinart, and wanted to drop by. Sounds like you are in good paws, er, hands. Take care of yourself and best wishes for a good recovery from your squirrel friends!

    • Well hello Nutmeg, and thank you so much for your good wishes. I am in good paws with an excellent surgeon. I hope you and everybody there are enjoying your winter. Your squirrel friends up here, as well as a zillion birds, are liking the treats we’re giving them every day in the snow. We have no skinny squirrels around here!

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