Canker spots on a silver maple

silver maple tree

This tree has been trimmed several times when storms and other things made it necessary.  Silver maple is such soft wood anyway, and then an injury and trimming allows diseases to get into the tree.  There were several groups of leaves in the spring that died off as summer went on.  I’ve known for a year that it needed to go, and that was the sign that means it needs to go soon.

It’s also  developed carpenter ants.  You can see the holes in the wood and some sawdust on the bark, and there’s  a lot more on the ground around the bottom.

silver maple tree


The tree company will come early in December and take it down.  It’s always sad to have to remove a tree, but it’s nearly dead and needs to go.



8 responses to “Canker spots on a silver maple

    • Probably not Sam. A casket…lol? I did keep a straight piece of the other one that was taken down a couple years ago and it’s a good perch for my cat and also squirrels to just sit on for a vantage point. And that tree sent up shoots from the root and is trying to still live, so maybe this one will too, tho neither will probably live very long, since they were both diseased. Don’t plant any silver maples, cos they are so soft. I didn’t plant these and they are nice, but a problem. There are 2 big ones still left up in the end of the yard that are still healthy for now. All my best to you and Michael.

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