Another silver maple tree

tree cut downn


I had to have another silver maple taken down.  They are so soft and diseases can get into their wood so easily.  I didn’t plant any of these, they were all here before I was.  There are two more big ones at the back of the yard.

The guys found lots of metal inside this one, nails, etc, and the metal kept tearing up their chain.  I have no idea who or why anybody would have pounded nails or other metal things into  a tree.

Red headed woodpeckers and downy woodpeckers had been  having a good time finding bugs in lots of holes they had bored into the top branches of the tree, so they will have to peck somewhere else next year.

Before the tree service guys started on the tree, there were lot of squirrels around where Dylan puts corn out for them.  They all scattered when these guys came to cut the tree, and I’m sure they thought the world was ending when they started running the chipper.


Downy woodpecker didn’t care about the corn, cos he knows where the suet block is.

downy woodpecker

MaChatte is enjoying the wildlife outside her windows.

PA birds

4 responses to “Another silver maple tree

  1. We had to have the city crew cut down a small silver maple last week that had sprung up IN the community garden! As welcome as it’s shade was on a hot day, it was growing faster than okra in August and we knew it was going to be big trouble in the very near future. I hated to see it go, and I’m sure you did too. At least you’re feeding your wild critters in its’ absence.

    • I hate the idea of cutting down any tree, but sometimes they just gotta go. This one was dead as a door nail so there was no sense keeping it standing for the woodpeckers and waiting for pieces to fall off and hit somebody on the head. Oh yea, our wild animals get treated well here, and there are no skinny squirrels in this area. Have a good weekend!

  2. We just put out some suet yesterday for our chickadees. Hoping that a woodpecker will come to visit.

    • We have chickadees too and they are such cute little birds. And I love seeing the downy woodpecker and a small red headed woodpecker right outside my window. My cat enjoys all that too. 🙂 Suet should bring you chickadees.

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