Winter starts to creep in………



Before the first snow, which came today, the doves knew they needed to get as much food as they could find.  There are often at least a dozen below the bird feeder, where I always put some seeds on the ground.

Today is our first snow.  The bamboo has overtaken my son’s truck…… I know it’s under  there and I can see the tail pipe.

snow storm

Winter is here, so says the weather outside, and the calendar will catch up in a while.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate the day.

11 responses to “Winter starts to creep in………

  1. Yeah but winter doesn’t begin until Dec 21st! Let’s not rush it ok? That looks like a wet, heavy much did ya’ll get? I would never have known there was a truck under that bamboo. Actually I never would’ve known that was bamboo either lol

    • The calendar will catch up in a while Sam, but we’ve had some cold and now we’ve had our first snow. We probably got 5″ and it seems to be pretty much over now. I watched him trying to get his truck out of there, and he has to be careful cos sometimes the bamboo is frozen to his windshield wipers. He had to part the bamboo with his hands and go thru a big row of it just to get to the door. Once it was out from under there, he was able to clean the rest of the snow off of it and go to work. Have a nice Thanksgiving!

      • We’re supposed to get a trace of snow tonight..3 years ago it was so warm and sunny that we ate Thanksgiving Dinner on the patio!!! I had a big family dinner at my house today to celebrate one of my daughter’s 35th bday, but tomorrow we’re going to an even bigger dinner with 5 other couples. I’ve already made the cheesecake I’m supposed to take, and I’ll put my green beans on in the morning to cook before we go, and that’s all I have to do. woo hoo!!! I have the evening free and would LIKE to be writing a blog post but I’ve been asked to speak at church on Sunday (we attend a UU church) and so I need to work on that instead. Michael keeps walking thru the room saying “i’m going shopping all day tomorrow”. Sure, right. We’re spending the day the old fashioned way, around the table, eating and playing games. Do you have to cook?

      • No, my mother is 86 and in a nursing home and Dylan and I will go to visit her tomorrow. I did cook a nice big meal Sunday instead, for Dylan and his girlfriend, who has to work tomorrow. Chicken, mac and cheese, cauliflower, lots of condiments. Depression glass dishes and cloth napkins, it was all fancy, lol. It was good and everybody liked it. And my mac and cheese is one of his favorites so he took the leftovers home! Yours sounds pretty easy for tomorrow and I hope you have a lovely day!

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