My Brother in Uniform—A Veteran’s Day Memorial

This was written by a new member of my family, and it is so well written and thoughtful that I feel the need to share it again on another Veteran’s Day. Thanks to all who have served, including you, Eliza.


When I was in the Army, 9-11 had just recently happened. I got out after a few years and right after, I still worked with the soldiers on post. I knew a lot of the MP’s when I first got hired on to the civilian police department on post and got to even more as I worked with different units that would rotate through road duty. This had both a good and bad side to it.

Soldiers change duty stations, usually every 2-3 years, and when the Army didn’t have the stop-loss in effect there were those that got out of the service. A lot of times this would happen and I wouldn’t hear about it until months later, from someone else once their unit had rotated back onto the road.

There was one MP that I worked with for a while by the name of Gary Moore. We worked…

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