The robins seem to have gone……..



I haven’t seen any robins for maybe a week.  The last time I did see some it was 4 sort of together in the back yard, and I assumed they were gathering up to fly off.  I think it’s early for them to be gone, but I pay more attention to when they come than when they leave.  Jenny wren seems to be gone too.  The two of them were furiously feeding babies up till about a week ago.  I didn’t see the babies fly out, but there is no more activity around the box.  I hope the babies were strong enough to begin their journey, since this clutch was late for them.



Cicadas have been up for maybe 2 weeks, singing their music.  There is a cycle of years when there are huge numbers of them, but there are some every year in off cycles.  This guy is long gone but their shells are  always scary looking.

Things are still doing well in the garden, tho winding down.  Some  black eyed peas in the fence area are over 8′.  For next  year, I have a bigger better tee pee idea for beans.  Love my bamboo!

bamboo bean tee pee

My son bought a seed block and put it out in the yard.   I didn’t get a picture yet but several squirrels were on it within an hour of him putting it out there.  I can’t imagine,  if I had to go find every morsel of my food, and having a hunk of food 3x my size just sitting  there……….they must think they died and went to squirrel heaven?  Squirrels, chipmunks and all sorts of birds will be chomping away on that.

feeding animals


Chilies are getting red to cook with now and dry for winter.

hot peppers


It’s been a cool summer and already feels like fall, but it’s not yet.  Signs are around tho.  What an excellent growing season we were blessed with this year. Some dark, depressing winter day, I’ll be  on line, cruising the seed company for some new things to try, and placing an order, and waiting for that package in the  mail…………and watching the birds and squirrels eating seed from the bird feeder outside the window.

It’s all good.

9 responses to “The robins seem to have gone……..

    • With your spring coming that rain will help everything get ready to grow there. I hope your season will be as productive as ours was here.

  1. You go girl! Not only is your harvest great but your macro shots are great too! We have not had many Robin’s around here lately which is weird as they are usually around all year – the food source must not be as good this year as it has it was for the last couple of years. I think it feels like fall too. Yeah – it is all good! 🙂

    • Thanks Jackie. Coming from the lady who does amazing macros that’s a real compliment! Fall is coming for sure, and it’s all the way things are supposed to be, and it’s all good, yea. I don’t like winter but we take what we get. It has its good points too, but you just can’t grow things, lol.

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