Enough to share



I always like to plant extra, for several reasons.  For one thing, something might not grow, and then you wouldn’t have enough.  And if you’re planting seeds, seeds really don’t cost much and some veggies  are things you can save seeds for for other years.  And, if they all grow, and all produce, you have enough to share, which is one of the joys of gardening.  I always used to have enough tomatoes to share some, and this year, it looks like there might be cucumbers to share. We all already had some here today, and I picked this nice basket full and took some to a dear friend who didn’t get to plant garden this year cos life intervened.  Cukes and onions were planned for their supper tonight. Mine too!  And Dylan didn’t realize we were growing dill, and just asked where it is, so I guess cukes and onions will be on their menu too.  The bounty, the blessings, the summer…………it’s all good.


5 responses to “Enough to share

  1. Cucumbers have always been difficult to grow where I live so I almost never planted any. In 2012, though, I planted about 25 feet of them. I don’t know how many I harvested but I was selling about 10 quarts of pickles every weekend from mid-August to the end of September. I still am eating the dill, bread-and-butter, and green tomato pickles from that year.

    I planted cucumbers this year and if all goes well I’ll be renewing my pickle supply.

  2. Speaking of sharing…I had a huge donation of 2015 Burpee seeds given to the community garden. My gardeners took all they wanted and more at last night’s monthly class, so before I try to get rid of them, I was wondering if you’d like me to put some back for you. They’d certainly be good next spring (they took most, if not all, of the cool season seeds). There’s still beans, peppers, tomatoes, squash, cukes, herbs, etc. Just let me know.

    • Oh cool, thank you! What kind of beans, what kind of squash and what herbs? I’ll try almost any bean and my DIL likes all kinds of squash, tho I don’t, but we might enlarge the garden next year. 😉 And she would be so excited for a couple of your moon and stars melon seeds…………

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