Time to think of the garden, yard, and some flowers!


 I’m like a little animal—the first good spring day I have to hang things on the clothes line and get out and dig in my dirt. I’m getting a little old to do much gardening, cos it’s a lot of work.  But I plant some veggies and a few flowers, and have some perennials that make pretty flowers.  Also some caladiums, which are beautiful all summer, and a few geraniums for color. Here’s an area with a sun-dial my father made.

I cut down the dead mums out front, and they are getting shoots already.  This was a miserable winter, and I can prove that by the fact that  this is the first year ever I had to cut down some bamboo that had broken off.  It has been growing here for about 9 years, and this is a first.  Normally it all springs right back up after ice, snow, whatever, but I guess the cold we had and the length of time the extra weight was on it, some went down and broke off or partially broken and had to be cut off.  Now I’ve made one trip to the woods with mum trimmings and have bamboo laying all over the yard. Several more trips to the woods……….

The bamboo is so pretty and it provides a good spot for rabbits to hide in the dense growth at the bottom.  We get some red-tailed hawks around, here and in the woods behind the house.  Several times my son has seen rabbits hiding from the hawks, and the hawks can’t get in to get them since the bamboo is so thick.

Soon I’ll work outside again and begin getting the garden area ready.  Then I can plant some veggies once it warms up.  A friend brought me several buckets of well seasoned horse manure in the fall, and I spread it around and left the rain and melting snow seep it down thru the ground.  That makes for good gardening and good production of veggies. 

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