With Spring comes…..spring jewelry!

 It’s time for spring!  It’s the first day of spring today, and things are starting to shoot little buds all around here.  Crocus are up and blooming, daffodils and tulips are shooting up getting ready to bloom too.   Time to think of some pretty spring  jewelry, in spring-y colors. 

 Using optic cat’s eye beads is a beautiful way to get color, light and sparkle into bracelets and necklaces.  The glass beads let light  run thru them, reflected from all around.  If you move them back and forth in the light,  it looks like the light comes from inside the glass, and resembles a cat’s eye in light.

These beads come in many sizes and even shapes, and all sorts of lovely colors.  I really like the pastel ones for spring.   Recently a lady in our office asked me to make her a bracelet  from orange, yellow and blue cat’s eye beads, and include some little pewter flowers she had seen on another bracelet I had made.  It turned out well and she really likes it.

 I also have a couple spring bracelets on my Artfire site.  One with  butterflies has pink cat’s eye beads and one with a dragonfly has green and yellow ones.   The butterflies and dragonfly are  made of pewter. 

I definitely have spring fever now, so more will come about spring!

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