All chipmunks here are named Cecil



They make a squeaky noise that sounds  like CecilCecilCecil, so they have always been named Cecil around here.  One has one of his tunnels 5′ off my back porch and I decided Cecil needed to be in a video.  Ahh, the joys of retirement and summer: having time to  sit out on the porch with MaChatte and watch Cecil and squirrels and listen to the Jenny wren!  Ahh, summer, and it will soon come to an end.

He took the small pieces quick and had to work harder to get the bigger pieces.  This is the same one that sits up in the bush in a previous blog.

Cecil, getting bread to take down in his/her  underground home, maybe even feeding babies….?

5 responses to “All chipmunks here are named Cecil

    • They are my favorite little animals Herman, so cute and fun to watch. The squirrels stay around all winter but the chipmunks go into a half hibernation once it gets cold and stay down in their tunnels, so we don’t see them again then till spring. It’s always a treat to have Cecil living right out back.

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