King of the Garden

heirloom cabbage


My last few cabbages are small, but that’s ok. Lima beans are just now really coming on.  I love my heirloom seeds.  The cabbages are the sweetest I’ve ever had, called Golden Acre.  And the Lima beans, which I’ve already eaten just the first few of, are wonderful.  And, at about 12′ of vine, they are so aptly named King of the Garden.

I’ve used a lot of  tomatoes already and made sauce twice, and  shared quite a few.  Plus I have shared some Vates collards with friends who like them, also an excellent, big yield heirloom.  Kentucky Wonder long pole green beans are now being left to go dry, for soup beans in the winter and seeds for next year.

What an excellent season for growing, basically everything I planted.  All the more enjoyable after enduring the Winter from Hell, and hoping we don’t have a repeat of that.  If we do, I’ll just stay inside and cook some stuff put I away from the garden!

I’m a preacher for the heirloom seed concept and the saving of seeds, so I hope you don’t get tired of hearing that.  If we all keep saying it again, maybe one more person will hear and understand the whole thing. Hope you’re still getting to harvest lots of good things, if you’re a gardener. If not, happy autumn soon if you’re up north, and grow on soon if you’re down under!

4 responses to “King of the Garden

  1. “If we do, I’ll just stay inside and cook some stuff put I away from the garden!” And THAT is THE best thing about retirement for me-sowing, growing, cooking. And watching winter from the window 🙂

    • Me too, no alarm clock in charge of my life. You’ll have a lot put by, and I’m getting there myself. The bird feeder at the side window was as far out the back door as I went some days last year, and if need be, I can repeat all that. We’ll compare notes on what we’re cooking, lol!

  2. Looking good and sounding good! I was just thinking about autumn and how in the mornings you can feel the air changing. I can also see some color changes starting. I also hope winter is not as bad this year as it was last year! I suppose we’ll find out soon enough.

    • It does feel different Jackie and even the smell when it rains is different. Yes, we hope for nothing as bad as last year here, and I know yours was not good either. We will find out, too soon for me.

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