She didn’t know it was Vet day………

Bombay cat

It was sad to have to wake her up and give her such news.  Since she was very difficult to get into her carrier the last time she went, I knew I’d better  use the pillow case trick.

Do you know about that and do you have a feisty cat?  (Read “hateful” when it comes to going into the cat carrier, lol.)  Quickly take a pillow case and strip it down over the cat’s head then shove the rest of the cat into it and gather the opening closed.  The cat is so surprised and overwhelmed since she doesn’t understand what’s going on, and she won’t struggle.  Quickly lower that whole bundle down in to the open cat cattier, standing on end, gravity working for you, and shut that door!  Not so much trauma for the cat, nobody gets hurt, it’s all good. They will usually get out of the pillowcase on the drive, but that’s ok.  Once they’re done at the vet, my cats have usually been willing to go back into the carrier; guess it seems like the lesser of two evils. Maybe it does mean they know they’re going home now.

She was actually much better today than the last time.    He was allowed to look in her mouth at  first, and then give her her shot while I scratched the biting end, lol.  Then he  even got to pick her up and look her over for maybe a minute before she hissed at him.

She was glad to go back in her carrier and come home after her visit. I like her vet, but she doesn’t care for him or the process at all.  All done for a year, girl.


12 responses to “She didn’t know it was Vet day………

  1. I’m very lucky Mr. Bowie likes his carrier and the car rides. He even sleeps in his carrier from time to time.

    • You are lucky that he is so good about all that. It’s such a trauma when they’re scared so bad. At least the vet was not in so much danger today! Have a good weekend, more catnip, and chocolate and ……..

  2. I know how you feel. Our lil boy never minded the carrier until the anal gland incident… After a painful trip to the vet he now hates the carrier and knows where it goes. Sigh

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