MaChatte was due to go to the vet…………..

MaChatteShe got a letter from her vet.  He said he would like her to come in cos he wanted to see her.  He also wanted to give her two shots.

I showed her the letter but she didn’t seem interested.  The last time she got a letter from him, she chewed on the corner.  This time she just walked away.

Oh she tried HARD to hurt Dr. Pinney!  She growled at the assistant Joanne the whole time she had taken her away to weigh her.  Then we had to wait for him and when he came in and tried to listen to her heart, she growled and hissed at him and he turned the biting end toward me and said she needs to know that I’m going to get this done, and even a growler and scratcher and hisser still gets a good check up from me.  And I’ve only been bitten 2x in 17 years, both by dogs!  I told him he should knock on wood now.

So I scratched behind the ears on the biting end and he listened to her heart from behind that.  Then I scratched ears while he felt around her bones and gave her two shots.  Then he had a tongue depressor and wondered if we could look in her mouth. He went back to the biting end and poked her lips a little to see her teeth and then she opened wide to give a big hiss and he said, Well, that worked out well cos that’s all I needed to see!  Then we went to put her back in the carrier and she went in head first and turned right around with claws out and hissing and tried to get him while he shut the door.  He said he has been scratched shutting doors already……….

She was very impressive!

She got home and came out of the carrier gladly and is now relaxing and lying around, maybe feeling a little bad from 2 shots.  That’s done for, I think,  2 years, for distemper.  Rabies is 3 years so she gets two trips in two years then.  Maybe she will have forgotten how much she hates him by then, lol.
She’s not always that sweet thing in that picture up there!

5 responses to “MaChatte was due to go to the vet…………..

  1. MaChatte sounds like my Sienna. She hates the vet more than anything. It’s a good thing your vet hasn’t been bitten by a cat. I was bitten by a cat once – 12 hours later I had to go to the emergency room because it was so swollen and infected! I was amazed at how fast it went from a small mark to a full blown infection. As I understand it their teeth are like needles dipped in bacteria.

  2. I’ve heard that most cat bites get infected. It’s good that you went right in for treatment and it didn’t get any worse. I was glad for her not to be the one that broke the doc’s record!

  3. aww poor MaChatte, she showed him! I always feel so sorry for them when they have to visit the evil shot doctor…. can you imagine how horrifying it would be to be scooped up into a carrier, forced in, then all the new smells and noises…, then a vet that smells like a hundred other cats…nowhere to run, I’d be hissing and biting too 😛 Glad she’s back home OK and hopefully 100% tomorrow. Glad the doc survived 😉

    • Me too, cos he’s a good guy and he used to tell her she was cute, but not this time! She’s not cool with the car ride either, and she spoke quite a bit about that on the way there, but was as quiet as a church mouse on the way back. It’s a bad experience for us too, having to put them thru that, and I’m glad not to have to do it very often. You can see that they’re scared to death, poor little things.

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