MaChatte doesn’t know winter will come……..

black cats

We put her harness and leash on and go out as often as we can, more on weekends.  Today I had a lot to do but wanted to get her out several times, and when we’re going out again later, we leave her harness on between times.  She prances around when she has it on, cos I think she knows  that that means she’s going out again later.

Soon on work days it will be getting dark earlier and we won’t get out till the weekends.  Then shortly after that, it will be too cold to take her out at all.  She doesn’t want to go out when it’s cold.  I guess little feet on cold ground isn’t good, and she doesn’t want to go out bad enough to go then.  But the first warm day in the spring, she quickly remembers what it means when I ask:  Do you want to go out?

Leaving her harness on today was a good reward for having to put up with the vacuum cleaner earlier, which she hates.  Also, last night there were fireworks, 15 minutes of beautiful ones, less than a mile away.  A music festival at our fairgrounds shot them off.  I liked them.  She didn’t.  She runs all around growling in a low and pitiful sounding voice, asking for reassurance that the world is not ending.  I tell her it’s all ok, but she asks what part of this awful noise do  I find to be ok?

Fall days of 70-ish and nights of 50 are ok, for as long as it lasts.

9 responses to “MaChatte doesn’t know winter will come……..

  1. Approaching long cold Winter, vacuums AND fireworks! … poor kitty 😉 I’ve never had a cat that wanted to go outside… they’ve all seemed content sitting by an open window. Maybe my next kitty can be socialized appropriately to accept a harness… the fresh air is so good for them… hope you’ve enjoyed the weekend

  2. I never had one that wanted to go before her either. But she made it VERY plain that she did. The harness wasn’t bad to get used to. I put it on for short periods a day or two before we ever went out for her to get used to it. I have had a good weekend, and hope you have too. More good artwork coming, I hope!

  3. I’m working on the harness thing too. So far we’ve only put it on for a few minutes a couple of times. She flattens herself on the floor and crawls…she doesn’t like it, but maybe once she knows she will get to go outside she will see it as a good thing.

  4. Maybe just leave it on her and she’ll get used to it? Make sure it’s tight enough that she can’t squirm out, especially the part behind her front shoulders. Good luck!

  5. Really liked the in and out video. If you put a harness on me , I would react the same way. Enjoy the Fall.

  6. MaChatte sounds just like my Sienna when it comes to vacuums. Man does she ever hate it and stays mad at me for hours after I’m done!
    The weather here was gorgeous today – low 70’s and crystal clear- so I’m with you on that one. The winter and cold come soon enough.

    • My cats have always been afraid of the sweeper. I think I would be too, if I was that size. I hope your good weather lasts a while and winter comes, oh, maybe in the end of November or so, lol. We can wish.

      • I hope the weather holds for both of us! I’m not sure we can hold winter off that long but this is weather we’re talking about so it’s subject to change without notice so who knows! 😀

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