Simple fare, mostly the best!

roasted vegetables

I love to eat.  Thankfully, I also love to cook!  Sometimes the simplest things are the best.  I try to eat as many whole foods as I possibly can, since I then actually know what I’m eating.  Eating things that are mixed up before we bring them home is getting a little confusing and sometimes downright scary.

This looked so good that I thought I’d write a blog about the concept.  Took a nice sized ham hock, potatoes, cabbage, an onion cut up, and some carrots and arranged them in the pan.  Added two stalks of lovage across the top for flavor. (Here’s a blog about lovage, cos most won’t know what it is: )

Drizzled all that with olive oil, added some garlic powder and fresh ground black peppercorn.  Roasted it, covered, at 350 for about an hour.

Oh yea was that good.  Simple fare, some of the best stuff you can eat.

12 responses to “Simple fare, mostly the best!

  1. this looks really delicious! I can almost smell it! All that lovage on top makes me want some celery soda 😉

  2. I’m getting ready to do a post on it, but ya make a simple syrup, equal parts sugar and water (i use less sugar though), and bring it just a boil, then add 1 T ground celery seed for every cup of water, remove from heat, cover, let sit for 1 hour, strain and store in jar… to make soda, you use about 1 part syrup to 8 parts carbonated water (I have a soda stream) … club soda… drink. It has a slight celery smell but tastes nothing like celery, and it is delicious! I drink it nearly every day… that and hibiscus soda made in the same manner

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