Another strange gardening season

Every garden is one big experiment: what will the heat be, will there be enough rain, what pests will I have to deal with, including sometimes, squash bugs and oh yea, one year, groundhogs!

It has just been too hot. All of July and August, hotter than it’s ever been, with some new records set. Plants know they can’t spend their energy getting as big as they would have when it’s too hot. They have to keep their size smaller to be able to deliver their fluids to all parts of their shoots/branches to be able to produce their fruit, etc.

My tomatoes always go up about 7′. This year they are no taller than me. Yet they are producing well, with lots of water from the garden hose, since there hasn’t been much from the sky. Hopi lima beans normally ramble the whole way across my bamboo pergola, and this year they are staying closer to the upright poles, yet are also producing well. Here’s a pot of them that I shelled out fresh to freeze. I have a few nice bags frozen and I’ll let a lot go to dry then, for soup etc in the winter, and seeds for next year. I just love these beans. Frozen, they taste like you just picked them from the garden.

We had a really good run with cucumbers. With consistent watering, they didn’t seem to care that it was so hot. My son and DIL and I ate plenty, I got to share some, and I made a big batch of freezer pickles, a favorite of mine. We had some of them last year for Christmas dinner, and they’re such a good winter treat.

I also froze a huge batch of tomato sauce, and included basil I’ve been picking and freezing just for that. That is such a useful thing for different recipes and much better than any I can get from the store.

Tomatoes and Hopi limas will go on for a while yet. Cukes and squash are over now. Some hot peppers in pots don’t care how hot it gets, as long as they get water almost every day. My DIL is enjoying some knock-your-sox-off red Hungarians that I’m growing just for her, cos they are way too hot for me. And I always grow purple jalapenos for her.

Geyri, my little uromastyx, gets in some on the gardening harvest, since I grow a few plants that have flowers that are safe for him to eat and that he likes. He also gets dandelions from the yard. He’s not so little anymore, and has just had his first hatch day birthday recently.

The whole world seems turned upside down in various ways, and all of those are other topics for another day. Tho it’s disturbing not to see my 7′ tomato plants, it shows the ways plants can adapt to some extreme conditions, and still do pretty well. I’m thankful for things to have done as well as they have, given the weather.

We sure have had to adapt to a lot of extreme conditions too, and we know that some of those conditions will only get worse. Climate change is a fact of our lives, and we don’t even know what is yet to come. Right now cities in the Gulf are being evacuated, fleeing from a dangerous hurricane.

So always the optimist, or at least I try to still be, I’m so glad I’ve had lots of good harvest from my little garden, in a very strange season. I’m thankful that it’s small enough to be able to water it with the hose, when lots of crops, etc don’t have that advantage, and lack of water is a big problem some places.

Things will be winding down as the wheel of the year turns. And on we go. I hope you are well, staying safe, and enjoying your summer.

8 responses to “Another strange gardening season

  1. Always enjoying your stories about your garden! August was hotter than it’s ever been in this part of the world too. And still, some people don’t believe it’s the effect of a climate change. I wish I could have some positive thoughts about the future…
    Glad to see Geyri can enjoy the gardening harvest too. MaChatte isn’t that lucky… 😉
    Stay safe and healthy, my friend!

    • No MaChatte doesn’t get to benefit from the garden, but everybody else around here does. I keep holding on to some positive thoughts about the future, somehow, but it gets harder with each passing day. The climate, our government, our country as a whole, the virus…’s all so overwhelming. Little things have to have more importance now, and we have to hunt them out and cherish them. You stay healthy and safe too, and your dad. Make sure you have good treats for you and that beautiful little Jimi. We haven’t seen pictures of your garden for a while……😉 I remember that it’s pretty out there.

      • Thanks for reminding me about pictures of my garden… I will follow Jimi in the morning (with a camera) when he’s checking out the garden. Next week we’re going to the vet for his annual medical check-up, and we’re celebrating his birthday (2 years old).
        Like you mentioned, we’re living in very strange and overwhelming times. But deep down inside I do believe better times are waiting for us. Meanwhile, we have to look for little things around us and enjoy them.

      • Every little good or interesting thing can’t be overlooked now, and we must remind ourselves. This little lizard adds some enjoyment to life every day, the challenge of learning how to provide the best life for such a unique little guy. ❤️. Yes, your garden. I remember of it being very pretty, and maybe you have some newer readers who have never seen how nice it is out there.

  2. We are just starting to think about our plantings for summer vegetables. We do have radishes and lettuce being harvested but tomatoes are only just popping up from seed.

    • Our two worlds are upside down from each other. Things are starting to wind down here, and that’s always sad. But on we go. Have a good gardening season!

  3. ‘First hatch day’? Was there a second hatch day?
    My garden was just starting to catch up for a late start, and a second late start, and then got abandoned when we needed to evacuate more than a week ago. It will likely be crispy by the time I get back.

    • Not yet. That will be next year; hatch day instead of birthday. Soon it will be his anniversary of his “gotcha day.”

      It would be nice for your garden to have survived. Better yet if you find all the property just as you left it. 🤞

      Was Rhody ready for a road trip?

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