Thai purple podded yard long beans!

purple beans

I presented a mystery in a recent post.  My son’s girlfriend Eliza had me interested in finding the beans she had described, and I had asked for readers’ help.

After some searches and a description of the pods and seeds that Eliza saw,  and the purple beans that she ate, I discovered Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, a company that sells rare seeds. The picture above is from their website:

I called them today and talked to a very helpful lady.  She told me that these beans do indeed stay purple when cooked, and also turn the water purple.  Then I described the seeds to her:  small reddish brown seeds that have a black and white eye similar to black eyed peas.  Bless her heart, she went and looked at the seeds and said that’s what they look like.

So, Eliza looked at the picture and says that’s them,  and the great customer service lady at Baker Creek went out of her way to make sure the picture was what we’re looking for.  I will be ordering some seeds for these to try next year.  I always like something new and fun to grow.

They say they are great producers, and they are heirlooms, both good things to say about a food plant.  Yea, we’ll be growing some long purple beans here next year.

9 responses to “Thai purple podded yard long beans!

    • They sound like fun and she said they were good. I just ordered some, and also some spinach and a new type of pea. Happy gardening! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  1. What did we EVER do without the internet??? My old set of World Book encyclopedias surely didn’t include Thai Purple Podded Yard Long Beans NOR did it mention Baker Creek, which we order all our seeds from. Their seeds are consistently reliable, and you should see their catalog! I look forward to seeing your pics next summer!

    • I’m glad to know that you’ve had good reliability from their seeds Sam. They have a huge selection and prices are good. And the lady I talked to went out of her way to help me, and I liked that. I seriously don’t know what we ever did without the internet! The way beans grow here, I sure should have pictures to show next year and beans to share with people. My son might not eat them tho; he might think they’re weird cos they’re purple.

      • Do they stay purple when you cook them? had some purple (“normal” size) beans from the CSA this year, and they were beautiful, but after cooking they were indistinguishable from the green beans.

  2. Rachel that’s what the search for these was all about, cos Eliza had them when she visited her family and they stayed purple when cooked as snap beans and even in soup. Her family didn’t raise them; a neighbor gave them to them cos they had so many! I knew there were purple beans, but every place I read about purple beans said they would turn green, till I discovered these. The lady at Baker Creek answered my questions so well that I already have some on the way to stash away for next spring.

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