A question for the gardeners…?



I love to grow different and interesting things.  My son’s girlfriend recently went  to Colorado to visit relatives and had some unusual beans.  The beans were purple and  they were about a foot long. The amazing thing is, they stayed purple when they were cooked.

I have searched all over the internet and all the beans I read about say they will turn green when cooked, when the chemical in them hits the heat.  The only colored bean I’ve found in searches that stays its color when cooked is Chinese red noodle, and they appear to be more red than purple.  She said these were definitely purple.  She said the dried pods are brown, and the little seeds inside are reddish brown, and much smaller than the shelly beans that come from regular string beans.

So, I need some gardener reader to  have the magic answer as to what they could have been, cos now we’re both so interested in them that we want some to grow for next year!  She is contacting her relative, but they came from a neighbor there and she might not get an answer.  Anybody that can help, thanks so much.

5 responses to “A question for the gardeners…?

  1. Nancy, around here anyway, it seems that those long purple beans are generically called “red beans”. I think this may be why: like hydrangeas, these beans can be red or purple depending on the soil PH. I’d go with Chinese Red Noodle.

    • Thanks Sam, good point about hydrangeas. My grandma always said you had to put rusty nails in the ground to get them to be blue or purple. She didn’t know about PH, but she knew what to do anyway. Now we have a bean mystery and we will be in search of purple beans for spring. I think we will probably try the Chinese red noodles. They sure look like fun to grow, something so different.

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