Do you know where your food comes from?


growing food

Do we want to know where our food comes from?  I know I rant on all the time about gardening and the importance of growing food and saving seeds and maybe some people get tired hearing it.  I also rant on about GMO’s and the huge issue it is and how some people are completely unaware.  I know I’m preaching to the choir for a lot of people, but I always like to make people think.

Not everybody can raise food for various reasons but people can be aware of what they’re really eating and understand that the culture of food and raising food and having enough food has major issues coming up as our population grows.  Climate change, problems with pollinators,  expanding cities and many other things will impact each of us more and more.  Prices, availability and the quality of our food is critical to each of us.

I had two experiences in the last couple days that caused me to write this rant. There’s a thought out there that some people think food comes from the grocery store, and that is the depth of their  knowledge and oh my, maybe that’s all they want to know.

A forum I was reading was about eggs and chickens and one lady wrote a comment  that really surprised me.  Brown eggs were shown in the forum and this lady wanted to know how some of those eggs got brown, was there something wrong with the chickens?  Seriously.

Another one that really surprised me was about potatoes.  A friend had helped his neighbor with some gardening advice.  He taught him about planting potatoes. Later the new gardener made a comment that his potato plants seemed to be doing well, and had  lots of flowers, but they hadn’t gotten any potatoes on yet……..seriously.  He was surprised to learn  that potatoes grow under the ground.  The man is a high school teacher.  Seriously.

Those two people can still learn, I hope, that they should pay more attention to what goes into their mouth.  Or maybe a lot of people really don’t care, and that’s a problem.  Ostriches with their heads in the sand don’t see any issues around them.




8 responses to “Do you know where your food comes from?

  1. I told Michael your stories about eggs and potatoes. We’re both rather amazed, but perhaps we shouldn’t be anymore. My own grandkids came to visit when they were 4 and 6 and when I pulled a carrot out of the ground I thought they were going to faint! Nice blog.

    • Thanks Sam. I found both those stories unbelievable, like how can you get to be an adult and not know about potatoes……..I hope Michael is feeling all better!

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