Maybe the end of the garden……..

King of the garden


They’re predicting our first frost for tonight.  Always a sad day for a gardener, especially when things are still producing in the garden.  My King of the Garden Limas are still flowering and sending out more runners, and have lots of beans on still forming.  They are an amazing plant.  Seeds saved for next year for sure, from this heirloom  wonder.

Time to think of cold and winter, whether we want to or not.  If you were able to grow amazing things this year, I hope they did well.  Next year….. planning over the winter is a good activity for cold winter nights.  And hopefully eating some stuff you put away from your bounty. Don’t forget to keep that compost going and save those eggs shells for calcium. After the earth takes a rest, here we go again!

8 responses to “Maybe the end of the garden……..

    • I hope you don’t get any bad weather there Sam, but I bet you are ready for a rest. You have had a busy summer and then tense scary stuff with Micheal here lately. You got so much accomplished and now Michael’s on the mend, so it’s time for both of you to rest and eat some of the goodies you put by all summer. Just go: Ahhhhh as you settle into some comfy chair!

      • Our low temp last night was 42 degrees so we’re safe for a while. We’re still picking ‘maters and peppers and I’ll plant garlic today. But colder weather is surely coming soon. But for today…it’s a glorious sunny day and I have much to be thankful for! Have a good week Nancy. And come to TN.

      • I wish I could Sam. It would be great to meet you and Michael! No frost right here, maybe some other places around but ours went to 36. So my beautiful Limas can go on, and some tomatoes and flowers around too for a little while yet. I’ll get out there and do a little work today when it gets up to 60. You have a good week too, peaceful and beautiful!

    • I went to 36 or so here, so no frost and things can continue on for a while, yesss! You can still have flowers around too, for a little while yet.

      • Yup! I brought a few plants inside last night just in case but it looks like they will be okay outside for a little while longer. 😀

      • Better safe than sorry Jackie, and I hope they get to stay outside for a long while yet. I’m just no ready for cold weather and all that comes with it.

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