Easy end of the garden recipe

soup recipe


The end of the garden is sad, but can make for a really easy recipe to use up some things that are ending.  OK, so I didn’t grow the potatoes or raise the hog, lol, but a simple dish with 3 garden ingredients makes some hearty lunches.  Cooked the ham hock, pulled it apart and put the meat back in the broth.  (Bones cooked in any soup-y dish add so much flavor to food.)  Cleaned the collards and cut them into small pieces and added them.  Shelled the Lima beans and added them.  Had the shelly beans (the beans that are in green beans when you let them on the plant to dry) soaked overnight and added them. Cut up a potato and added that.

The ham hock should simmer a couple hours to make the broth good and make the meat easy to separate.  The fat and other waste goes out back for the creatures of the night, and will have disappeared by dawn.  The veggies only need to cook maybe 30 minutes  since I soaked the shelly beans overnight.

Simple, hearty, good, good for you.  Not much fat to a ham hock and not much sodium in them either, compared to other forms of ham.  Add a salad or a hunk of crusty bread and mmmmmm!

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      • Turnips are something I don’t like cooked, but I do eat them raw. I know lots of people do substitute them for potatoes. Parsnips is another thing, an old time thing my grandmother loved, but I don’t care for them.

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