OK, 65


OK, so today I’m 65.  Pretty much just another day with a big number attached, lol. I’m now officially a senior citizen tho.  In the spring I’ll go to our local senior citizen center and see what they do there, cos I don’t have a clue.  And I’ll keep asking for old folks’ discounts any place I go!

I don’t feel any older except I played myself out hoeing in the garden and pulling up rocks that were used in that area as garbage fill when an old foundation was filled in years ago.  I’m making it better for next year, and then over the winter I’ll feed that ground with compost and some good aged horse manure.  I grew a lot of good and healthy food this year (and I’m still picking tomatoes) and more to come next year.  I ordered some good heirloom  seeds the other day, and they should arrive soon.  Never too early to plan ahead!

More work to be done to that area but I hope to have it ready to plant early crops in the spring.  If you garden, I hope it did well.

16 responses to “OK, 65

  1. Happy Birthday! And good on you for digging rocks, planting and ordering your seeds. Sounds like you’ve got a good start on the next 25 or so years!

    • Thanks! Don’t know about 25, but I have plans for quite a few more. Ready to retire at the end of the year………..oh yea. And I’ll keep getting good ideas from you!

  2. You are as old as you feel, not what the numbers tell you. Some days I feel 25 and on others I feel 85! I try to keep young at heart despite what my bones and muscles tell me some days. Welcome to the senior citizens club.

    • Thanks! I’m trying to keep that all in mind too as years go on, as young as you feel. As long as I can still work in the garden and play with my wild little cat, I guess it’s all ok, lol.

  3. Happy Birthday, my dear friend! Bowie says “Meow!”, I’m sure it means “Glad to know you!”.

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