Why You Should Not Declaw Your Cats

I’m reblogging this post by Tom Duhamel, because it is so well written and thorough, and such an important issue for people who love cats. Thanks, Tom.

Off Topic

A number of cat owners consider declawing as a solution to a common problem. While they bring their lot of joy, cats have this major annoyance, they scratch.

While declawing seems like the ideal solution, please read on before you take your decision.


The main reason people wish to declaw their cat is to protect the furniture. Some also do so by fear that a cat might harm someone, in particular babies and young children.

The surgery

Known in the wild as declawing, the procedure is called onychectomy by veterinarians. The h is not pronounced, it sounds like ‘onikektomi’. It comes from Greek meaning nail excision.

onychectomyThe surgery consists in the removal of the claw along with the distal phalanx (the end bone at the tip of the toe). This is necessary because, unlike human nails, the root of the claw in cats is within the bone…

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5 responses to “Why You Should Not Declaw Your Cats

  1. Thanks for reblogging… I’ve never understood why anybody would do this to an animal they supposedly love. I wish every vet in America could read this.

    • If people aren’t aware how bad it is for cats, I guess some vets will just do it cos it’s $$ for them. My vet is adamant about it, and educates his patients. I told him MaChatte and I had already agreed that she would be keeping her feet intact, and he was preaching to the choir, lol. Tom wrote an excellent article!

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