Preparing for a long, cold winter

squirrel face

This little guy was on my porch last winter in a snow storm, asking for more sunflower seeds.  I wrote a blog about enjoying the nature outside my windows.  Now winter is going to come along again, and the earth will get brown and grey, and eventually, white.

Winter is a time of rest for  the plants, but the animals have a hard time finding food.  The squirrels have been busy here packing away black walnuts and acorns, and the chip monks have been out getting acorns too.  Hopefully people will remember that our little critters out there need some help and give them some goodies in the cold.

Winter is for hearty soups and other good foods, hopefully some of which will include some items we packed away from our summer gardens.   Remember to make winter foods look good, because  we eat with our eyes first.   Winter is  also for nice candles that give off warm light and a good smell, and fuzzy warm clothes.  We all do whatever we can to make the cold winter feel better and easier to get thru.  I’m not a fan of cold weather, or snow and ice, and I try to hide in the house as much as I can!

I’ll soon be 65, which is hard for me to believe, and I can look back on a lot of winters.  I can also look back on a lot of springs, and look forward to the next one, and this spring will include more time for me to do things like garden, since I’ll be retired from work.

Be warm and healthy, get some exercise, eat good things, feed the animals outside and snuggle in for the winter.  Winter is also for planning for next year’s garden,  ordering seeds,  and working on compost thru the winter, to feed the ground for spring crops.  Gardeners’ activity can go on all year!

I read a few really good blogs, some of which have gardening ideas, some of which have good recipes, so blogging is a winter activity too.  Thanks to those who read my ramblings, and thanks to those who write good blogs to keep us informed and learning new things.

12 responses to “Preparing for a long, cold winter

  1. Here in southern California we don’t have to worry too much about “squirreling away nuts” but the evenings close in too fast and I don’t like that! I am 66 and I REALLY can’t believe that!!!!

  2. So, with every winter comes a spring.
    Live for the spring , endure the winter.
    Sounds so CSN&Y, but they never did THAT did they? Shoulda, huh?
    It’ll get better. They say the darkest hour is just before the dawn.

    • Ahh, you like CSN&Y, good choice for music. I actually liked CSN better. Endure is a good word for winter, but there are good things to do too during that time. And it’s the natural order of things, so we complain and go on. Send me some Florida weather up here about the middle of January, will ya?

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