Fall in the garden


Fall is here for sure but there is still some stuff growing on in the garden.  Grape tomatoes will go on till frost.  They are a plant almost like a vine, and they depend on a little help from their friends, like the trellis and Big Boy tomato holding them up, lol.  There are a few Big Boys in there, and more coming, that just won’t get as big as the ones did earlier.  It’s normally the end of October here when we get our first frost, and I hope that holds true.

fall collards

Some collards I planted a month ago are doing well, despite the fact that the area they’re planted in needs weeded badly.  I don’t know why the ground looks purple there.   4 cabbages are doing well too.

Kentucky Wonder green beans

I’m still picking green beans as the pods dry for soup beans, and have a whole quart jar full of nice brown beans. Those are amazing Kentucky Wonder heirloom beans and for some reason the dried ones turn the water reddish when you cook them….?

walnut tree

I wrote an earlier post about a volunteer walnut tree and the idea that squirrels forget where they buried their nuts.   https://sarasinart.net/2013/05/18/squirrels-do-not-remember-where-they-buried-their-nuts/  The little volunteer black walnut “tree” has done well and is now about 3′ tall.  We’ll see if it makes it thru the winter.

Growing some of my own healthy food has always been important to me and I did more of it this year.  More next year yet if I’m able, cos next year, I’ll be retired!  If you garden, I hope yours went well, and produced lots of good and healthy food for you to eat all summer and preserve some of.

9 responses to “Fall in the garden

  1. Great to see the walnut tree is growing back and looking good. I hope it does OK during the winter. Time will tell I suppose.

  2. You’re quite the inspiration… go little walnut tree, you can do it! 🙂 I’m going to attempt some indoor kale and leaf lettuce this Winter, along with my normal array of sprouts (I do a lot of mung bean, alfalfa, radish, clover, brocolli).

    • Thanks! Any time I can inspire somebody to learn to grow things, or want to learn, or to grow more, or whatever, then I’m happy about that. Your greens will take a lot of light, but wouldn’t that be good stuff around the middle of winter? Good luck with that and keep me posted.

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