Squirrels do not remember where they buried their nuts……………

black walnut tree

So, I had a pot on the back porch that I hadn’t planted anything in yet.  2 or so weeks ago, a very robust volunteer weed thing started growing out of it,  a strong plant that grew very quickly.  I commented to myself that I should recognize those leaves, but just couldn’t get my head to tell me what it was. I couldn’t get over how aggressively it was growing, and what good strength it had for a volunteer. So I left it grow there.

Today, I wanted to plant something in that pot.  So I figured I’d pull this volunteer out and get rid of it, whatever it was.

The very robust plant had a nice root system, and attached to it was  a whole black walnut.  Some crazy squirrel had buried the walnut in the pot,  probably last fall.  The neighbors have a black walnut tree maybe 50 yards away from where the pot sat down by the garage in the winter.  So somebody buried his nut in it …………and forgot!

The nut, finding itself in a nice warm spot and got a little rain a few times, decided to grow.  And grow fast!

Since it wants to be a tree so bad, I decided it has to be allowed to be a tree!  I had to have a gorgeous weeping cherry taken down a few years ago, and the stump remains.  It has a plant pot on top of it.  So I planted the nice little walnut tree there by the stump, cos it would be a good place for another tree.  I never went out of my way to get another tree to plant there, but this one kind of presented itself to me and asked to be given a chance, so it gets a chance.  I put a little fence around it so it won’t get mowed off, and I’ll make sure it gets a drink along with other things if it doesn’t rain. By fall, it should be strong enough to make it thru the winter, and in a few years, I’ll have a black walnut tree, instead of a seedling, planted by a squirrel.

People believe that squirrels remember where they bury things…..nahhh.  I have a seedling to prove it!

14 responses to “Squirrels do not remember where they buried their nuts……………

    • Thanks. It tried so hard, so it has to be given a chance. It will give me shade, a pretty tree and more nuts for more squirrels!

  1. awesome! friend of squirrels, tree-saver, lover of cats, you’re A-OK 🙂 *tosses some proper kitty snacks to MaChatte (hope I spelled it right this time)*

    • Aww, thanks. Daughter of the earth, that about covers it. It’s important to remember we’re visitors here and we can use what we have without trying to use it all up. You did spell it right. Thanks for being such a loyal reader!

  2. Very cool! I hope the tree grows up to be big and strong. Perhaps the squirrel was being pragmatic rather than forgetful – given enough time one nut will produce a whole tree of nuts! 😉

  3. That’s very kind of you toward the squirrels Jackie, but since it was in a plastic pot with no possibility of a real big root system, I think he was just forgetful. Either way, he was responsible for planting a tree, lol!

  4. They bury so many that some go unchecked and rightly so as the by product of their work is the forest! If they got em all the woods would be an entirely different place! I’m glad you saved the tree! I love the walnuts, they are delicious and beautiful!! nice story!

  5. Thanks! You are right about that, they do good things. I wasn’t very happy when they were digging at seedlings in my herb bed this morning tho. I had to save that little tree. I like them too; they are a mess to clean, but worth it.

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