Two little trees, doing well!

maple tree


Last fall I wrote about having had to cut down a beautiful silver maple tree, and how shoots had developed from the trunk, and how I wondered whether they would make it thru the winter.   We had the roughest winter in a long time, but the picture above, taken today, shows how hard this tree wants to keep trying.  I might end up with a whole tree from those little shoots that were so tiny last spring.

The trunk of the tree continues to still support other life forms, like fungus of different kinds, and provides a place for chip monks to hide.

silver maple

Also last year, I wrote about a squirrel burying a black walnut in a plastic pot filled with ground, and me discovering I had a black walnut seedling, lol.  Below is the little walnut tree that really wants to be a big  walnut tree!  I was really surprised that it made it thru the winter that we had.

black walnut tree


Things that want to grow are amazing.  Another amazing thing around here is a hanging pot of verbena and lantana, that I’ll throw in just because the beauty of it is amazing.


I love the spring and summer, watching the wonders of the earth come back alive.  Enjoy your weather and hopefully, whatever you’re growing.

11 responses to “Two little trees, doing well!

  1. For everything, there is a season. I’m so glad your spring has finally sprung. The determination of your silver maple is a product of it’s excellent environment. Don’t stop, Nancy.

    • It’s good rich land Gregg and I have respect for it, and I believe that makes a difference. Thanks for your thoughts; they are always welcome.

  2. Nature is so wonderful! It’s good to see both trees doing so well. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

    • I hope yours is good too Jackie and that you’re doing ok after losing your beautiful friend. Nature inspires me to get out and take pictures and write, tho my pictures are never as good as the amazing ones you take!

      • All things considered, I’m doing okay. It’s hard but I take solace in knowing she is no longer suffering. I should be back to posting on Monday.

        Shall I show you some of my first pictures? They are a far cry from what I take now. I stated in 2009 and worked at it everyday and still do. If you keep practicing you can be just as good as you say I am or better! I have been saying for quite some time that I think you should take photography up as a hobby now that you’re retired. I don’t say that without having a reason to. 😉

  3. I wish I knew how to grow pretty flowers like that! I just don’t have much luck with them. PS You do know don’t you that it’s difficult to grow anything, but esp. veggies, around a walnut tree because of tannins it’s produces acidifies the soil so badly. Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it 😉

    • Somebody said that maybe last year when I was writing about it, and it was probably you! I read that some things are ok growing near the trees, other plants not ok, and it’s a distance away from where I’m growing the not ok veggies. And this is so small, but the time it gets to be big enough to be a problem, I’ll be too old to garden, lol. Somebody might need to cut it down at some time, but it probably won’t be me. Thanks for the reminder and making me think!

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