Jenny wren knows when to come

house wren


It always amazes me that birds know where to go and when, although our robins got a little ahead of themselves this spring.  But, the little Jenny wrens, also known as house wrens, normally come here about 5/1, and sure enough, when I was outside working today I heard one singing.  You can almost mark your calendar and call it Jenny wren day, lol.  Here’s a picture I took last year as they got busy building in one of my two wren boxes.  And a blog I wrote then, to give more information about these feisty little birds with such a big song.

Now we’ll wait to see whether they build here this year and stay to raise their clutch.

11 responses to “Jenny wren knows when to come

  1. They’ll be back, I’m sure, birds love their digs if they’re cool. And your Jenny-Wren box looks sweet and extremely cool. A few years back, we had an Osprey “situation” on the bridge when a pair of Ospreys kept building their nest on top of one of the streetlights on the west span. Regardless the number of times DOT came out and removed it, those pesky Ospreys rebuilt it by daybreak the next day. Birds are very focused on “cool” and the Ospreys finally won the battle when the city put up a 50-foot pole with a platform on top for them to nest on just 50 feet from the streetlight. The results….PRICELESS. For the last four years, those Ospreys have returned to raise two chicks every year that have given us Tenders hours of enjoyment watching then learn to fly (very scary) and then learn to hunt (most amusing). I still can’t believe I get paid to do this job. But those Jenny-Wrens feel your love, know they’re safe and I guarantee they’ll be back this year to return that love.

    • What a really nice story Gregg. Thanks for sharing that. Winning situation for everybody. It’s great that you enjoy your job so much too.

  2. I’m so glad you’re bringing attention to wildlife thru your blog. I should probably do more of the same. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Every spring, the wrens like to build nests under the roof of our front porch, and the blue birds make a nest under the newspaper holder under our mail box. We bought some bird houses, but the birds ignore them!

    • I’ve seen them in some strange places too. I guess they just decide where to build and that’s that then! It’s nice that you tried and bought them boxes tho.

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