Not much goes in the land fill from here

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My neighbor asked if I wanted the potato peels from a big family dinner, for my compost pile…….well yes, I do!  And I told her my next summer’s garden would thank her and they would probably get some tomatoes as payment, lol.  Anything that’s veggie scraps goes into compost.  Anything that’s meat scraps (and most bones)  goes right out back for the creatures of the night.  Mostly possums, but hey, a possum’s gotta eat too. Food value items go back to the earth, in one way or the other.

My point is conservation of resources, mostly thinking of land fills.  I recycle all that my community will handle, plus all my paper goes to another place that recycles that, since our town doesn’t do any paper except newspaper.

So there isn’t much going to a landfill. We can all do things to save the earth.  I know, I said that before.  I’ll probably say it again.  More and more people are doing things that conserve our resources, and it’s great that more  people are aware. Resources will run out……….

6 responses to “Not much goes in the land fill from here

  1. It’s so nice to know that others are doing their part to take care of the earth. Thank you for sharing this on a day that will otherwise be filled with reminders to consume!

    • Hey thank you for good ideas you have too! Critters gotta eat too, and compost is a good thing. My clients sometimes are ready to throw away stale bread or something like it, and I say wait…my squirrels! Last year one of them saved watermelon rinds for my compost. I try to pass the ideas on………..:)

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