Bent and Dent store, a good way to save some money

healthy food

We have a wonderful bent and dent store close to here, B B’s Grocery Outlet, and I just discovered they have a web site.  For anyone who can get to one of these stores, (4 of them across PA) bargains await you!  It’s an adventure cos you never know what you will find there, but you will save money on whatever you buy.

Saving money is always good, and they also have local produce in the summer.  Buying local is a very good thing, but we can’t grow much here in PA in November, lol.  And they also have a whole line of meat and cheese products from an Amish company from Lancaster, good products from animals that are raised the way animals should be raised.

Can you tell I like this place?

5 responses to “Bent and Dent store, a good way to save some money

  1. We have a similar show here too. Actually, 2 of them. One I really like the other is mostly junk food But both are great bargains if you find something you can use!

  2. And we do like saving money, and you get good bargains then too! I get great stuff at this store, can stock up on things. I hate to pay store prices for lots of things.

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